Monday, January 17, 2011

More About January

I was hoping January would be a month of rest, after all the holiday business. What WAS I thinking?!

Alec's birthday is at the very end of the month which means I need to order his gifts early enough to get here. Right after Christmas, the last thing I want to do is buy more stuff! Our shopping is limited where we live so online is the way to go, especially since he has such eclectic interests. Carmen's birthday follows two weeks later so I generally try to get all the shopping done at the same time. She says she really doesn't need anything which is fine but on her birthday, I'm sure she'll want to open something!

Adding to this is the reality that my husband has gotten himself a new job. Yes! It's true! The story is long about all the twists and turns of life at our local hospital. My son, Chad, and I are seriously thinking of writing a book about all the nonsense (we'll change the names of the victims, naturally). Chad has a great title for it. Anyway, Todd has finally been freed of it all and starts his new job on Alec's birthday (great timing!) Sadly, he has to spend two days of training in Portland on Alec's birthday and the day after, which is a bummer for us but we are so happy for Todd that it doesn't really matter.

He applied for this job back before Christmas. They said they would begin the interview process after the first of the year. It was hard to wait, and wait, but then they called to say he was one of the finalists. We waited two more days and (drum roll, please) they called to say, "You're the winner!!"

Not really, but that's what it felt like. When Todd came into the kitchen, after that phone call, I looked at him, dying of curiosity. All the kids ran in to hear the news. Then he said he got the job! It took a bit to sink in. And then tears (me, not Todd!) We are all so happy for him. Looking forward to a normal schedule for him and us. No more nights or weekend work. Finally. Praise the Lord!

I really kept this job in God's hands. I just kept praying for God's will. If it wasn't what was best for Todd or our family, then so be it. But I'm so glad God answered our prayers the way he did. I'm very proud of Todd. It's a new position with a new heart doc in our area, part of a huge hospital network so there is security in that. Once you get into a hospital system, you can transfer easier to other hospitals in that network which would be helpful if we move in the future. It's a blessing.

And, of course, a new job calls for new scrubs. That's the fun part for me! Too bad Boden (see last post) doesn't make nurse's scrubs!


appleleaf said...

I'm delighted to read about the new job! Good on Todd! It'll be great for your whole family and one that you will all surely have a passion for. And I think you and Chad should write that book :)
Thanks for your comment. It's certainly a varied country with drought, floods and everything in between.

jugglingpaynes said...

I'm so happy for Todd! Your family deserved such wonderful news. And the plus side of birthday shopping after the holidays is that you can take advantage of some of the post-holiday sales. ;o) I spent some time gift shopping after Christmas this year simply because Christmas shopping so overwhelmed me this year, I wanted to be prepared for next year.

Peace and Laughter

Mama Self said...

Two things:
1) YEAH for Todd!!
2) You look like a million bucks in your picture, Miss Gorgeous. You've inspired me... =D I shall endeavor to continue avoiding the frumpy look and will get a haircut soon.

Cate said...

Congratulations Todd - that is wonderful news (especially the bit about no night shifts!)

And I relate to having kids birthdays near Christmas. Am virtually broke now.... (and no, that is not an exaggeration)