Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Season 2010

We have really been enjoying Advent this year. I love how much better everything seems to be as the kids get older. Advent has been particularly fun, everyone loves singing and they all pay attention during the Bible reading. We've been celebrating Advent every Christmas for about 10 years now and each year has gotten better. I'm so glad. I think they miss it when Christmas is over. I wish there was some way to continue it throughout the year but I know it wouldn't be as special, it would become too routine. Funny, we have Bible study, though not as frequently as I wish to, and it's not nearly as much fun. Perhaps we should sing and light candles for Bible study - I might be on to something there!

Carmen has really gotten into Christmas this year. Everything seems very important to her and I am really enjoying having another girl in the house. Until last year, she was just a kid but now, she's matured enough that we are more on the same level. She is good at wrapping gifts and has helped out a bunch with that. She's also making a gift for Alec, which has caused much whispering and closed-door work, with my assistance. We let her put up Christmas lights over her window and she loves looking at them before she goes to sleep.

This year, after Todd put the lights on the tree, the kids went to work decorating. I had to make dinner and, fortunately, they left a box of ornaments for me to put up. In fact, they left those ornaments especially for me. The kids also took over decorating the rest of the house. I did some of it but mostly, they enjoyed the job.

Since we had kids, Christmas decorating became so exhausting to me. And wrapping gifts always took place on Christmas Eve ... leaving me wiped out. How wonderful that the kids all participate now and we can put out wrapped gifts earlier. Call me quirky but I much prefer the "now" Christmas over the Christmases of overly excited kids and diapers to change.

I've even had time to make fudge and cookies. I hope to make carmels as well, something new for me. Now if I could just get the kids to write a newsletter and sign Christmas cards!


jugglingpaynes said...

You should feel very proud. You set the traditions that they are eager to continue!

Sierra decorated our tree this year. And then the cats undecorated it. Then she decorated again. :o)

Peace and Laughter!

Cate said...

Yep, my kids do the majority of the tree decorating, and my girl has decorated her room for years. She is certainly my best helper, and even got her brother organised to get presents sorted :-)