Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just Thankful

The kids are nearly all in bed and I'm headed that way, too. But I just wanted to write about what a nice Thanksgiving I had. After reading my last post, it made me want to write something more upbeat, right away. My pies came out just fine, Todd's mom decided not to brine the turkey but did end up nearly setting in on fire. Fortunately, it only burned the underside as she turns it over halfway through the cooking time. The dinner was very good. I drove back and forth, delivering pies, children and husband at different times, then returning him home in time for him to go to work. Went back and chatted for several hours before leaving. It was a terrific group of family members (very nice people), we all get along and enjoy talking about anything. Nothing is sacred and we laughed a lot. I missed Todd being there but I'm glad I'm comfortable enough to be at ease with his family. And they seem to like me, too. Todd's Uncle Dick is especially dear to me, I realized tonight that whenever I see him and go to hug him goodbye, it's so natural for me to tell him I love him. He's been there for us many times and has treated me like a daughter since the first time I met him. A great guy and a terrific storyteller. I can always tell that I've had a fun time when my jaws hurt from laughing.

God is good. He gets me through the rough patches and blesses me with loving family and friends. Thanks, Cristina and Cate, for your friendship here. You lift me up with your encouragement and make me smile! Todd ... thanks for putting up with me these past few weeks - love you!


jugglingpaynes said...

I'm happy to be here for you, Kate! Thank you for your sweet words! I'm glad you had a good time and your pies came out well and I'm sorry your mother in law's turkey caught fire, even though the way you wrote about it made me laugh. I remembered the year flames shot from my parents stove when my father accidentally poked a hole in the aluminum pan while basting the turkey. I learned a lot of interesting words that year. :o)

My brined turkeys tend to cook too fast. This year the turkey was done two hours sooner than expected and I was in a mad rush to finish getting all the side dishes prepared. You really should try it one year. There are pictures of our pies on my daughter's blog if you want to see them:

Peace and Laughter!

Cate said...

Thanks for the lovely words Kate. I'm so glad that this Thanksgiving went well for you and that you survived the baking ordeal!

Had to laugh about the turkey though.....

appleleaf said...

Hi Kate,
I'm glad to catch up and see you had a good thanksgiving. Was sorry to see that Alec had to have minor surgery in your last post. Being in there to support your children is certainly more emotionally wrenching than when you have to have a bit of surgery yourself. But good to think you are all doing fine now. :)