Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Long Trailer

In case you were wondering, I have reached my goal of learning "Memories" by the end of Aug. Now, I'm working on "The Sound of Music", although I'm not setting a deadline. But, gosh, playing piano is fun! I love the challenge of trying to make my fingers work at the same time my brain is trying to remember what note is what. It seldom gels but when it does, I'm so stoked!

But that's not what you came here to read about. Are there any Lucille Ball fans lurking about out there? I'm not much of a fan anymore but I grew up on the "I Love Lucy" b&w reruns that were always on Channel 11. There was also that movie (in color) called, "The Long, Long Trailer", starring Lucy and Desi Arnaz (of course). If you've ever seen that movie, you will understand the next paragraph.

We are in the process of buying a long trailer. A travel trailer. And more often than I care to admit, that movie comes to mind. I have no idea what I'm getting into. I'm sure camping in the trailer will be not that much different than tent/van camping except we'll have our own kitchen and bath (a godsend) so I'll bet I will like it a lot more. And perhaps I won't be cold, now there's a selling point right there. But I get the feeling that I should learn a lot more about it and fast. I stopped a neighbor down the street the other day (we've never spoken but he was walking out of his travel trailer as I drove by) just to see if he had any advice about RV's, like safety issues, etc. I've been reading anything we have in the house about RV's, which isn't much. I get research-happy about new things and this is no different. I just haven't had much time to research lately but I will.

In that Lucy movie, I remember her trying to prepare dinner in the trailer while her husband was driving it. As you can imagine, stuff was flying everywhere, typical Lucy-humor. In fact, it's the only scene I remember from the movie, which was probably way too adult for me to watch at the age I saw it. While I know I won't be in the trailer while it is moving, I keep thinking of stories I've heard, like the time some husband was doing a repair on the road and something electrocuted him, leaving the wife stranded. True story, unfortunately. I keep thinking, "What exactly did he do?" I also wonder if I'll get claustrophobic but the thing is huge, much larger than the van or the tent. I'm trying to look at the positive things and not dwell on my concerns. But I keep seeing Lucy lurching about, trying to stir something while her husband is turning corners. I think they pulled their trailer with a car. Don't ask me why my mind has chosen this scenario - I can't figure it out.

You know, my poor dear mother actually asked if we were going to pull that trailer with my prius. I guess that's the only vehicle she can remember that we have. I wanted to scream but I simply said that, no, we have a van quite capable of doing the job. My mom makes me want to scream frequently these days but that's another story that won't be posted here. Respect your mom, never write negatively about her. There's some stand-up comedienne who's being sued by her mother-in-law because of the negative things this lady has been saying about her in her comedy shows. That'll teach her.

Oh, I've digressed again. The trailer. Yes. My family is excited. It hasn't sunk in for me. It's not here yet. When we do finally pull it into our driveway, perhaps all my concerns will be put to rest. I hope.


jugglingpaynes said...

I definitely remember The Long, Long Trailer! LOL! I suggest you don't take up a large rock collection while you are on the road. Especially those narrow, twisty mountain roads. :o)

Peace and Laughter,

call*me*kate said...

Oh, Cristina! I totally forgot about the rock collection! You made me laugh out loud - thanks, I needed that!


Mama Self said...

I saw that your boys are into Grouch Marx, too (on Christina's blog comments). It's nice to know we're not the only ones. :)

We are still talking about a pop-up camper. ANYTHING has to better than a tent!

Oh- congrats with the music. We switched piano teachers and Trey is once again actually enjoying playing again.

call*me*kate said...
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appleleaf said...

Wow, that's a good purchase. Make the most of it. It'll help you get so many family memories. We've loved setting off in ours.
Over here, we call them caravans. Just a bit of trivia.
Thanks for your comment. I think that book is at the printers this moment. Yes, I'm happy to pick up the same characters again in a new story. And the story matches the cover too.

Mama Self said...

Hopefully your in-a-tent camping trip was your last. :) Keep us posted when your camper comes!

Cate said...

Well done with the piano, and I sgree with appleleaf - sounds like you are talking about a caravan? We did lots of family holidays in one when I was a kid - was great & yes, preferable to tenting!
You'll need to get yourself a small portable keyboard & headphones to keep practising :-)

appleleaf said...

Dear Kate,
Thanks heaps for the lovely parcel that arrived in the post! I knew instantly what they were from our previous discussion, although the family had no idea. They're one of the most delicious sweeties I've ever tasted. We're trying to make them last but it's hard to nibble an aplet without having a bit of a cotlet too.What a tasty surprise.
If you'd like to send me an email soon, that'd be good so I have your email contact details again. We lost everything, including all contacts, when the old computer recently crashed.