Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whew! (In more ways than one)

It's official - the Kay Snow Awards winners were announced via email and I did NOT win. I am so relieved to know, even though I was pretty certain I didn't have a chance. I kind of hate what I submitted - I deserved not to win! It was too dark, coming from a sad and scary place and time for me. I'm also relieved that I do not have to attend the awards ceremony, taking place two days after our 21 wedding anniversary in August. However, I just found out who the guest speaker at the awards is going to be and it's a Portland author I am interested in meeting. She used to write a weekly column in the Sunday Oregonian and I always wanted her job. Every time I read her column, I thought I could at least write the kind of stuff she wrote about - usually short essays about her daily life or past. The stuff I write about. Now, she no longer has that column but is concentrating on her third book. Her first book was a best seller and her second is doing very well. Sigh. While I am thrilled for her and her success, I really don't want her life, I just want my own life as an author. Preferably one who can make a little $$. Know what I mean? (Yes, Todd, I know, I know.)

"Whew" also refers to how stinkin' hot is was here today! Man! We actually went out and bought an air conditioner for our bedroom and another fan for the living room. We had every window and ceiling fan in the house going. We were all miserable. Even going in and out of stores was rough, being blasted by heat again and again. We are not used to this. It gets like this, though rarely, where it will be cool and in the low 70's forever and then, wham! The temps shoot up 15-20 degrees in one morning and everyone wilts. It was interesting to see how people around here dress for heat they are not prepared for. Lots of white, white limbs and an interesting array of summer clothes. One woman looked like a street walker (she might have been, I didn't ask.) I was pretty certain I saw a teenage boy in a skirt. And then, at the grocery store, I was walking past a display of signs, the one I focused on said, "Dog On Premises". Then I turned my head and there was a dog, right there at my feet in the store! This is not a common sight at Fred Meyer. The lady walking behind him said he couldn't take the heat in her car. I asked if the store allowed it and she said they would tolerate it for a few minutes. So, off goes this dog wandering the aisles, no leash. Hmmm. I think the heat makes people a little nuts - at least here on the OR coast.

So, now, we have the equivalent of a hotel room-like atmosphere in my own private bedroom. I get to freeze just like I do in Portland. Why is my side of the bed always nearest the air conditioner?


Cate said...

I have aclimatised down so much since living in NZ, that your reaction to the heat is exactly what I experience when we have to visit the family over Christmas in Australia.

It just wipes you out & I can't sleep without some kind of air con or fan.

At least you can think of me as I write this - wood fire burning, heat pump in the other room taking the freezing chill out of the air....


jugglingpaynes said...

I saw on the weather report that your area was getting hit hard with the heat. I feel for you. We had that kind of summer last year. This year has been pretty wet and cool, except this past week, which has been in the 80's and muggy. I have to say, I didn't miss the heat. :o)

I hope it cools down for you a little!

Peace and Laughter,

Leingang Family said...

No, it's like that here, too! The heat makes for interesting shopping attire. (Even more than usual)