Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Is it possible to like change yet have difficulty adjusting to change?

Is it also possible to like to go to different places, even live in different places far and near, yet like the comfort of being at home?

How do you balance serving your family and allowing your kids to learn how to take care of themselves?

Why is it that about 60% of the time, when I go to the market, the handwipes container to clean the grocery carts is empty?

Which brings to mind another grocery store question: Is it normal to suspect that the store monitors what you buy just to discontinue selling that very item (we certainly feel this is true of our family, as this happens time and time again.)

Do you ever buy from those bulk containers that look less than sanitary?

Do you stack the dishwasher from the front to the back or vice versa?

Why is it that I only hear loud, strange noises in our neighborhood at night when my husband is at work.

Is it better to live life knowing the answers or asking questions? (This thought came from a book I'm reading called, "Crispin, The Cross of Lead" by Avi.)

This isn't a question, it's an answer (in case you were wondering). My teeth aren't hurting as much, it's getting easier to eat. I am adjusting. My daughter says my braces look beautiful.

Now how can I argue with that?


jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! Let's see...

I do have that conundrum with liking change but not adjusting well to it.

I think there is a grocery conspiracy. I've had my favorites discontinued too. Sometimes if you ask they will bring them back. I also think they monitor what I buy so that when I finally crack and buy what I need at the regular price, it goes on sale the following week. And the newspaper has a coupon.

I like asking questions. Sometimes I get into more trouble when I think I know the answers. ;o)

Peace and Laughter!

appleleaf said...

Those are all good questions. It's always a disappointment when a good line gets discontinued.
I'm glad to hear you're adjusting to the bands now. Hey, do yours have little gems in them? I've noticed some very feminine, classy looking ones around.
I've been putting off a dental visit but you've inspired me.

Rebeca said...

Good questions... I think it's good to ask them too. Nice to visit you again!

Leingang Family said...

- if so, do you really like it?
-let me know when you figure it out (I sort of have control issues)
-Murphy's Law
-justified? maybe. Normal? maybe not
-yes, because I usually need it and I'm not willing to pay more
-neither, more willy-nilly
-because you don't need to hear them when he's home (that's why I love having a dog because I know she's there to hear them)
-you can't!!!

Thanks, that was fun! :o)