Friday, April 27, 2007

Mr. Nurse

I keep reading that there's a shortage of nurses. And that more and more men are entering the field. As I said in my last post, I am married to a Registered Nurse. While attending nursing school, he retired from his cabinet business last year and has been working as a nurse ever since. Now, I'm the kind of person who would prefer never to set foot in a hospital or doctor's office ever again. It is still hard to believe that my husband actually WORKS in a hospital (at least he gets paid well). And he likes it! I'd go mad. Suffice it to say that we have opposing views of hospitals, thus making it difficult to discuss his day at work. I've learned not to ask how his day went unless I'm prepared to hear it! Please, spare me the details, o.k! I'm the kind of person who hurts for people who are hurting. If it's a child, even worse. I can't stand for people to suffer. (I even tell the kids to kill bugs quickly, don't prolong the agony!) The good part is that my husband spends 8-9 hours making these people feel better, or at least, more comfortable. He has the kind of hands that make you feel safe when you hold them. So when I think that he might be holding someone's hand to help comfort them, that makes me happy. Think about it ... if you've ever been in the hospital, (and I have, several times - I do have 3 kids), it was the nurses who did all the work of caring for you. The doctor is in and gone in a flash. The nurses are the ones that you remember. The ones who helped you endure the nightmare. So, even though I still struggle in some ways with my husband being a nurse, I know that he's right where he wants to be. Right where he needs to be. And, certainly, right where God wants him.

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ConservaChick said...

Hey, you came over to blogger! SO glad you're here! Gotta tell you, I LOVE nurses. They do all the work in my opinion, AND they have great bedside manor, which is often lacking in their overpaid bosses.
Regarding your comment at my blog: You know, God has called my children into a very GOOD school for THIS season, but there are SO many other ways to help your kids experience God while homeschooling. The most awesome kids I've met were from a homeschooling family who took mission trips every couple of years. Talk about witnessing God's power! Also, a homeschooling friend of mine started ministering to two unsaved, motherless girls in her neighborhood. The amazing things God is doing with those girls, and even more amazing things her own children are experiencing by watching God change lives. It seriously makes my cry every time I think about it.
Kids need to see God in action! WE need to see God in action, or our faith grows stale.
Oh, and before I go, can I add your link to my side bar (I think that's what it's called)? Talk to ya later!